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Are Japanese Responsible for Spreading #Radioactivity ?

Nuclear Photography

“Foolishly, Japanese are received by #TEPCO and Japanese government and has the nuclear plants. Although how dare Japanese adovocate anti-nuclear.”

I wonder such a thought spread into our Japan society.Actually, I sometimes see the same comment on the tweet.Then, I will think about the responsibility of Japanese.

Afterwar, US promoted world countries to build a nuclear plant in order to justify the export of nuclear technology by Atoms for Peace that is lead by ex-President Dwight David Eisenhower.
Ironically, US aims at using nuclear not for peace but for millitary. Actually, it is atested that Japanese goverment contemplated having nuclear weapons to defend herself by Ryohei Murata who is a diplomat in Japan.
*Video Source by NHK “Japan wanting a Nuclear Power” Broadcast on Jan 3, 2010

So, US-lover Japan sympathized this policy, and supported byMatsutaro Shoriki who is owner of big newspaper corp Yomiuri Shimbun, the dreams came true.Then, Japan was introdeced the nuclear power plants desigend by General Electric, and Toshiba, Mitsubishi and so on built them. Fukushima daiishi and Kashiwazaki Kariwa were made by Toshiba as well.

Building the plants leaded by the national policy made the Nuclear Power Village and resulted in an Fukushima crisis that is previously warned by Arnie Gundersen and Hidekatsu Yoshimi who is a Representative.

Once again, let me think about the responsibility of the crisis. This is the truth that members of a Diet who are pro-nuclear were chosen by people in democratic country Japan. And we can’t argue until the system of election is working well. For example, Nazis was elected democtatically.

But when the nuclear policy was decided, were the real intentions of the National take into account? News agency, government and nuclear related company misleaded a public opinion? Or company had the dignity as human? This is an problem should be discussed before the policy was voted.

Japan was Blinded by an economic efficiency, and ignoring what human life calles for. Why can we look at this situation as democratic?

Even if no members of a Diet know about a dangerous of radioactive, there would be no place of against. However, Japan experienced Hiroshima and Nagasaki when WWⅡ and there are many atomic sholors in Japan. Japan deeply know about nuclear energy. Nevertheless Japanese government that promoted the policy is mad.

The policy was voted in the situation democratic system was working disorder. But can you condemn the national because of promoting the policy? And you will say Japanese ctitisize the government makes no sense?

Once someone experienced the fault, it should be done that teach others not to try again. Originally, TEPCO and Japanese government should do this. But they tried to reacter the plants. Although Japan had decided to stop the plants until 2030’, they have allow to resume building an Oma nuclear power plant.

So, Japanese should spread the opinion of them to the world to protect our planet and people without fear from advocacy ctitisizing them.

*This article was updated and translated from this article(in Japanese).