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Japanese Refugees in #Japan?


We Japanese see refugees in Japan. Not from Pakistan or Nepal, but from Japan.

They are called "McDonald's Refugees”, pronounced “Makudo Nanmin” in Japanese. Makudo is shortened word of MacDonald’s, and Nanmin means refugees.

Why they are called refugees rhetorically?

They are placed in lower economic situation and having no job, so they have no place to live.

That’s why refugees have to stay somewhere providing them to sleep, and eat food and drink at night.

Some poor people in Japan, developed country, have even no house, place to live.

So there left only means to find out somewhere to stay for cheap fee. So that’s why refugees go to McDonald’s. Some of McDonald’s run for 24 hours, so if we can buy some food can stay for a day or two.

Of course, they don’t stay only there but at other 24 hours running restraint swell. In Japan, there are many restaurant running for a day. If you are in Tokyo, can see that kind of a restaurant every moment.

We Japanese can eat at McDonald’s in Japan for low cost. At most cheap, it costs only 100 yen (1.1 dollar).

Except for McDonald’s, there is no place lower than it. That’s why they go there and look for a seat to sleep.

Few years ago, there is buzz word “internet cafe refugee” in Japan as well. It is resembled to that of McDonald’s, but nowadays they shift to there from cafe because of price to stay.

In internet cafe, we can sit down on a sofa and sleep before PC screen. But it costs about few hundred yen for an hour. It provides users with place to sleep, sofa or chair, but not bed.

Now, they have to look for more cheap place. And eventually, found spot. That are called McDonald’s.

It shows society a difference between rich and poor. Some live in mansion but others stay at McDonald’s.

So we Japanese sometimes see people sleeping on his/her seat.

We are living in the developed country, but there is poverty we can see.