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Road Label Problem in #Tokyo

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If you come to Tokyo, Japan, you will see many location label on the road. And those are written in English and Japanese.

But please think again.

If you cannot speak Japanese but only English, you think Japanese people can make out your English?

Answer is No. You don’t have to expect. Because many Japanese don’t understand.

It depends on people but you had better think “Japanese can speak only Japanese.” Actually, my foreign friends often say “when I come to Japan, I had many trouble because of language problem.”

When it comes to such a situation of Japan, what to do? What will you do when you ask Japanese location in English?

In label, there is English and Japanese language. But you cannot read Japanese, so speak in English but Japanese don’t understand.

There is one suggestion.

There is written location name in English but it is written Japanese word.

For example, when it comes to “Diet (National Congress)”, it is also written as “Kokkai Gijido”.

Now, there is only “Diet” and “国会議事堂(in Japanese)”, but at third should be written in English but your pronounce could be made out by general Japanese.