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Why #Japanese Follow Your Opinion

Japanese macaque

In your company, there may be some Japanese officer. And if you are colleague, you may have experience kind of that he/she follows your opinion and don’t say his/her opinion at first.

Many non-Japanese think “Why?”

Well, will answer to your question from me Japanese.

I can feel close to your heart because I also think that kind of feelings and sometimes irritate me. But it is their strategy of relationship between person to person. Let me tell you.

Japanese think the crush of opinion in discussion as not comfortable things to their relationship. And think discussion should be end smoothly without crush.

If you are against a person, it may grow up the content of conference. But Japanese don’t think so.

They think if some against others, there occurs break of partnership and they will not construct good one anymore. So they tend to learn to avoid the discussion.

But thinking naturally, discussion don’t lead to making bad friendship or partnership. I don’t know the reason Japanese think that kind of things.

That’s it. That is the way to think of Japanese.